TSA Makes 82-Year-Old Breast Cancer Survivor Remove Her Prostheses

And she's not the only one — there are 26 complaints on behalf of the elderly and people with disabilities who claim to have been abused by TSA agents at Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport. » 10/12/13 2:00pm 10/12/13 2:00pm

Spoons Hidden in Underwear Could Save Teens from Arranged Marriages

A British charity is advising children being forced into arranged marriages to fight back — with metal spoons. In their underwear. » 8/15/13 6:40pm 8/15/13 6:40pm

Airport Security Supervisor Fired for Cock Shot Email Blast

You know the drill: one minute you're trying to email a picture of your penis to loved one or paramour; the next, you're fired because you accidentally sent that photo to a bunch of coworkers. » 7/01/13 2:20pm 7/01/13 2:20pm

Go Ahead and Show Your Tits to the TSA, It's Legal

An Oregon man who stripped naked in protest of what he considered invasive search procedures is not guilty of criminal dick wagging, ruled a judge. He was protesting, and protesting is a protected first amendment right. Do you realize what this means? We can ALL take our pants off wherever we want as long as we say… » 7/19/12 2:30pm 7/19/12 2:30pm

What's TSA for 'Vagina'?

Just as male politicians attempting to enact legislation that governs the "intrapants marital familiarity area" seem incapable of saying the word "vagina," so too do our terrorism-fighting friends in the Transportation Security Administration. It seems that as they're combing America's walkers, wheelchairs, and… » 4/24/12 1:35pm 4/24/12 1:35pm

TSA Insists Cupcake Icing Could Be Fatal

In a blog post today the TSA defended its actions in "cupcakegate," saying that the icing in a cupcake in a jar is considered a gel, and could be a cleverly disguised explosive. The post continued: » 1/10/12 9:30am 1/10/12 9:30am

TSA Makes Flying Less Heinous For 1%, Promises To Appease The Rest Of…

Your uncontrollable fits of rage toward the TSA haven't gone unnoticed. TSA chief John Pistole recently told a Congressional panel that he plans to implement strategies that are effective, yet allow passengers to travel without the feeling that TSA agents think they've killed someone and are determined to find… » 11/08/11 10:40am 11/08/11 10:40am

TSA Apologizes For Giving Breast Cancer Patient Public Pat Down

You can rest easy next time you fly, because TSA screeners are ensuring our safety by thoroughly inspecting the chests of breast cancer survivors, and dismissing their pleas for basic human sensitivity. » 10/05/11 12:10pm 10/05/11 12:10pm

TSA Will Stop Patting Down Kids

Perhaps embarrassed by the many YouTube videos in which agents frisk small children while parents look on in horror, the TSA has announced that it will be deemphasizing patdowns in children twelve and under. » 9/14/11 11:20am 9/14/11 11:20am

Is The TSA Targeting Black Women's Hair?

Some black women with natural hair report receiving hair pat-downs from TSA employees — in some cases while white women with similar hair sailed through. Is this a case of racial profiling? » 8/16/11 4:45pm 8/16/11 4:45pm

Another Kid Gets A TSA Patdown

In case you were concerned, the TSA remains vigilant in its efforts to protect passengers from bomb-toting tots. Here, an eight-year-old boy gets a patdown — on his way to Disneyland, no less. Luckily, he was found to have no weapons, and the Magic Kingdom could breathe easily for another day. » 4/14/11 11:00am 4/14/11 11:00am

Canadian Airport Security Apologizes For Making 82-Year-Old Woman Cry

We've heard plenty of TSA horror stories, but it's just not American airport screeners who traumatize travelers! The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has apologized for reducing an 82-year-old women to tears after she forgot to mention her breast prosthesis. » 1/17/11 3:40pm 1/17/11 3:40pm

TSA Horror Stories Remain In Wake Of Nonexistent Citizen Uprising

There were no major junk-touching skirmishes reported from airports this Thanksgiving travel weekend. But that doesn't mean the pushback is over, not with resurgent reports of young mothers and menstruating women, among others, grabbing headlines. » 11/29/10 10:04am 11/29/10 10:04am

Flight Attendants Still Eligible For TSA Groping (Updated)

Rage against the new TSA requirements has tended to erase, or caricature, one very key constituency: air-travel employees. That includes mostly female flight attendants, who, unlike pilots, haven't been exempted from enhanced patdown procedures, as well as reluctant TSA employees. » 11/23/10 10:06am 11/23/10 10:06am

TSA Groping Is Business As Usual For Women

The TSA's new security procedures are such a nightmare that even Hillary Clinton says she'd avoid them if possible. But in some ways, women are used to this stuff. » 11/22/10 9:35am 11/22/10 9:35am

TSA Gropings Unite Women, Angry White Dudes

"I didn't really expect her to touch my vagina through my pants," a teacher told The Times. In Charlotte, a breast cancer survivor was forced to expose her prosthetic breast. Getting rough out there for the TSA. » 11/19/10 4:40pm 11/19/10 4:40pm

What The TSA Screenings Mean For Sexual Assault Survivors

Among the constituencies pissed off about the TSA's new security measures: Sexual assault survivors, for whom both the body scans and the patdowns can be triggering. » 11/18/10 3:42pm 11/18/10 3:42pm

The Anti-Groping Lobby's Pantsless Plot

The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg proposes that men wear kilts on a day of protest against new gropey TSA policies. We suppose women could go pantyless, but somehow that seems less like a less effective fuck-you. Still, the dissent is building. » 11/15/10 3:52pm 11/15/10 3:52pm