Airline’s Baby-Free ‘Quiet Zone’ Doesn’t Really Guarantee Much Quiet

Crying babies are one of about two hundred thousand things that make flying commercial one of the most hellish experiences ever devised by humans, which is why AirAsia, a budget airline in Southeast Asia, will be introducing a "Quiet Zone" in February for passengers who'd rather not be reminded by the wailing of a… »9/26/12 9:30am9/26/12 9:30am


Now You Can Stalk Your Seatmate Before a Transatlantic Flight

For all you super-intrusive air travelers who bombard your seatmates with questions like, "What's that you're reading?" to someone who's clearly reading, or "Did you know that the DC-10, the plane we're flying on, has a range of 3,800 miles with a full passenger load?", Dutch air carrier KLM is introducing a way to be… »2/26/12 2:00pm2/26/12 2:00pm

Two More Elderly Women Say TSA Strip Searched Them

Over the weekend, Lenore Zimmerman reported that on a recent flight from Florida back to her home in New York, TSA agents forced her to pull down her pants and underwear. Apparently, airport officials singled out the Florida to New York route for some special holiday harassment this year, because now two more women… »12/05/11 10:20pm12/05/11 10:20pm