L'Oréal Actually Didn't Airbrush Out Helen Mirren's Wrinkles

Last fall, our sweet angel Helen Mirren became the beauty ambassador of L’Oréal U.K., but someone called foul in regards to Mirren’s appearance on one of her ads for the cosmetic company. A complaint was filed with the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority, claiming Mirren’s gorgeous mug was due to airbrushing and… »7/10/15 1:00pm7/10/15 1:00pm

Airbrushing Your Facebook Photo Is the Digital Equivalent of Stuffing Your Bra

Have you noticed how suspiciously few people on Facebook have pores? This isn't because humans have stopped sweating, or we've all replaced our real faces with plastic replicas of how we wish our faces looked; it's because easily accessible airbrushing software — so ubiquitous that it's sometimes embedded into digital… »11/19/12 11:10am11/19/12 11:10am

L'Oreal Forced To Pull Airbrushed Ads Of Julia Roberts, Christy Turlington

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority has banned two ads featuring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington for misleading consumers by being overly airbrushed. It had to come to its conclusion without before-and-after shots, since apparently Roberts has stipulated in her contract that no unairbrushed shots can be… »7/27/11 10:30am7/27/11 10:30am

Victoria's Secret Bikini Comes With Fake Boob Dickey

In a recent email, Victoria's Secret unveiled an amazing innovation in bikinis. Now instead of trying to push your breasts up, you can cover them up with a cleavage illustration. The printed fabric gives you the illusion of a perfectly spherical bosom while simultaneously protecting your chest from harmful UV exposure. »5/06/11 11:50am5/06/11 11:50am