96 Arrested In Massive San Diego State Inter-Fraternity Coke Ring

A year ago this month this pretty young San Diego State University Alpha Phi sister Jennifer Poliakoff died tragically at age 19 of what appeared to be alcohol poisoning. Well, it turned out to be a cocaine overdose... and the coke turned out to be pretty strong... and then someone else died at a SDSU frat house, and,… »5/06/08 4:30pm5/06/08 4:30pm


Inside The Nasty, Brutish World Of Hofstra's Phi Epsilon Sorority

So guess what? That thing about the sorority that brands its sisters in the groin with a scalding fork turns out to be quite possibly true. I just called Elyse Eisen — the Hofstra alumna who, yesterday, emailed fellow Phi Epsilon alumni in response to a report in the New York Post containing the allegations of a… »4/30/08 12:30pm4/30/08 12:30pm

Would You Believe A Sorority Brands Pledges In The Groin With A Hot Fork?

This young woman, Courtney Holt, tells today's New York Post she was violently attacked by a horde of evil roving Hofstra University sorority sisters after de-pledging their sorority because she didn't want to go through with a hazing procedure "which, she said, includes being branded in the groin area with a hot fork. »4/29/08 4:30pm4/29/08 4:30pm