Beyoncé Hair Update: The Pixie Is Out and The Bob Is In

Just one week after chopping off all her hair and giving everyone — even straight dudes! Even my dad! — an arrhythmia, Beyoncé's back on the extensions. The Pixie has disappeared in favor of an asymmetrical blond Bobyoncé (with the help of extensions, obviously), which she wore out to dinner in Miami with Jay Z. He… »8/16/13 9:00am8/16/13 9:00am


The Game and Crew Grope Woman on Stage, Then Throw Her Off

Rapper The Game was on tour in Australia in February, and he seems to have behaved very badly while he was down there. This disturbing little piece of NSFW footage from his show in Adelaide has just emerged. It shows a girl from the audience on stage looking increasingly more uncomfortable as she is harassed by The… »3/06/12 11:40am3/06/12 11:40am