'Glamour' Dating Columnist Contender Adam Stein Actually Kind Of A Saint

Glamour has been holding a contest to replace its dating columnist "Jake" since roughly the last presidential election, and while you may no longer actually vote in the contest itself you can vote in a sort of side-wager as to who was voted the New Jake (winner announced in July!) a game we found ourselves playing… »6/18/07 5:40pm6/18/07 5:40pm


'Glamour' Editors To Vapid Starfucking Dating Blogger Alyssa Shelasky: One Of These Days Some Dude Is Going To Call Your Starfucking Ass Out On How Vapid It Is... Oh Fuck It Already

We're not sure what's wrong with Alyssa Shelasky's love life since she stopped actually writing about it, but the editors of Glamour sure seem to have some ideas! Last week, Glamour enlisted Alyssa to present the three leading guy candidates to replace longtime dating columnist "Jake" to present them with a challenge… »5/14/07 2:41pm5/14/07 2:41pm