Do You Have What It Takes to Be the Tour Assistant For a Traveling Cat Circus?

I know it’s Friday and that you’re probably too excited about the weekend to do something as mentally exhausting as re-thinking what remains of your life path, but I have a few questions to ask. 1. Do you like cats? Yes? OK. 2. Do you like having fun? Great. 3. Do you want a new job? If you’re unsure about that one,… »8/28/15 3:30pm8/28/15 3:30pm

I Saw Cat Acrobats in an Abandoned Quiznos and It Was Worth Every Cent

I was in Texas last week and a friend of a friend started talking pretty enthusiastically about cat acrobats (AKA catrobats) (AKA acrocats). WHOA WHOA SLOW DOWN, LAURA: WTF is a cat acrobat and how can I see one immediately? The answer is that a catrobat is an obedient-ish cat who sometimes (sometimes!) performs… »11/08/13 1:30pm11/08/13 1:30pm