Tim Gunn Saw J. Edgar Hoover Cross-Dress

Speaking at the 92Y last night, Project Runway mentor and all-around great human being Tim Gunn said of Season 8, "I had never been part of a season of the show where I found the judges' decision-making to be more...incomprehensible." » 11/15/10 5:50pm 11/15/10 5:50pm

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8 Memorable Oscar Moments: A Video Roundup

Four hours! ABC's Academy Award red carpet and show broadcast dragged at times, but there were some notable bits. Eight highlights — whether you missed them or just want to relive them — in a gallery, below. » 3/08/10 10:40am 3/08/10 10:40am

Live Blog: E! Oscars Red Carpet 2010

Let's play a drinking game for E!'s red carpet coverage. Take a shot every time Giuliana Rancic asks a celebrity about a diet or workout regimen. Every time she mentions her crush on George Clooney, chug. » 3/07/10 8:05pm 3/07/10 8:05pm

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