Fucking Yiiikes, More Men Are Sabotaging Their Partners' Birth Control

Condom sabotage in the hopes of getting pregnant — or impregnating someone – without a partner's knowledge is unfortunately nothing new. While the "crazy girlfriend pokes holes in condoms because she so CRAZY!" still tends to be the immediate go-to, Fatal Attraction-style, a 2010 study found that reproductive coercion »6/01/13 1:00pm6/01/13 1:00pm

We May Not Like What Rihanna Says About Chris Brown, But We'd Better Listen

Last night, the Rihanna episode of Oprah Winfrey's series, Oprah's Next Chapter, aired on OWN, and as Oprah gently probed Rihanna with questions about Chris Brown, the singer tearfully replied that they are friends and she still loves him. This may not be what anyone wants to hear, but it's incredibly important that… »8/20/12 6:10pm8/20/12 6:10pm