What's The Weirdest Lie About Sex You Learned in Sex Ed?

Last week, students at Richardson High School in Texas took to social media to voice their annoyance with Justin Lookadoo, a super right wing whackadoo sex ed lecturer whose deliberate anti-sex lies were almost as offensive as his as-styled-by-Guy Fieri's afterbirth hair. But Texans aren't the only people being messed… »11/18/13 12:30pm11/18/13 12:30pm


Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Teaches Teens that Sluts Are Like Dirty Glasses Full of Chewed Up Food

What goes on in abstinence-only sex ed classes besides a whole lot of not talking about contraception? Slut shaming! At least, that's what's happening in one Boulder, Colorado middle school, where parents are questioning the merits of a demonstration where students were asked to spit food in glasses of water and then… »4/18/12 9:00pm4/18/12 9:00pm

The President Doesn't Like Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Because He Wants You to Be Poor, Says Rick Santorum

Hateful Muppet Rick Santorum told a crowd of slack jawed Floridians that the Obama administration is against abstinence-only education because the President wants America to be poor. Not only is the idea that comprehensive sex ed is the path to poverty 17 shades of incorrect, it points out a disturbing truth: Rick… »1/26/12 12:15pm1/26/12 12:15pm