Jared Leto's Lawyer Wants To Sue Everyone Who Talks About His Big Dick

Jared Leto’s lawyer is sick of everyone talking about her client’s monster dick and what he may or may not do with it! Above the Law reports that earlier this week, Allison S. Hart sent a “confidential legal notice” to the website Lipstick Alley in which she “threatened legal action” over allegedly libelous claims the… »8/06/15 12:50pm8/06/15 12:50pm


Kumari Fulbright's Facebook: Don't Have Pitty, "My Only Job Is Looking Cute!"

Law blogger David Lat did a courageous thing today and "poked" the sadistic beauty queen law student Kumari Fulbright on Facebook. Hours later, she poked him back. So brave of him! And so friendly of her!! (To think a neighbor is accusing her of having acted "real impersonal" right before she allegedly went on a… »1/03/08 6:00pm1/03/08 6:00pm