Hug Your Birth Control: American Abortion Rate Hits A Historic Low

New research shows that the abortion rate in America is at its lowest level since the 1970's, and we have widely available, reliable birth control to thank. This data, in the face of other numbers that suggest the American birth rate is also at historic lows, suggests that women are simply exerting greater control… » 2/03/14 3:30pm 2/03/14 3:30pm

Surge in Abortion Restrictions Awful, May Be Gaining Momentum

Sorry to bring down your Saturday, but the New York Times has a new report on the recent surge in abortion restrictions, and it's not looking great. We've seen this happening at an unsettling pace recently, and it's scary that women aren't getting access to care that they need. So far, twenty-four states have barred… » 1/04/14 2:00pm 1/04/14 2:00pm

This Woman's Tale Of Ordering Abortion Drugs On The Internet Is The…

Last Christmas Eve, a 32 year old Idaho woman took RU-486 in an attempt to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. This January, police found the fetal remains on her property and charged her with inducing her own abortion, a crime in the state. The case was dismissed due to lack of evidence, but not before everyone in town… » 12/12/11 4:15pm 12/12/11 4:15pm

Terrific Visual Representations Of Terrible Abortion Restrictions

Indiana wins! Go Indiana! Oh wait, that's a chart of the different kinds of abortion restrictions existing in a state — from targeted restrictions on abortion providers (also known as TRAP laws) to parental consent laws to waiting periods. You can play around with the tools over at Remapping Debate, depending on which… » 9/14/11 6:30pm 9/14/11 6:30pm

Arizona Court Allows Shiny New Abortion Restrictions To Take Effect

Yesterday an Arizona appeals court ruled that parts of a 2009 state law that imposes new abortion restrictions can go into effect. According to the judges, laws only violate women's rights when they create an "undue burden." Placing some burden on women trying to obtain a legal procedure is totally fine. » 8/12/11 11:20am 8/12/11 11:20am