It's Not Just Baby Boomers Who Looove TV Shows About the Second Wave

Baby boomers get a lot of flack for glorifying the golden days of the 1960s through television, from programs like Mad Men to CNN’s The Sixties. But as recent pilot pick-ups suggest, their children have been indoctrinated into this obsession as well: A wealth of shows have come up in recent years fixated not on just… »10/14/15 12:40pm10/14/15 12:40pm

Accomplished Lady Finally Replies to Crap Letter from Harvard C. 1961

When former Washington Post restaurant critic and Very Accomplished Woman Phyllis Richman applied to Harvard University’s City Planning graduate program in 1961, she received a letter from an assistant professor asking how she could possibly balance a career with her "responsibilities" as a wife and future mother.… »6/07/13 7:00pm6/07/13 7:00pm

Meredith Vieira Lands Interview With Former Owners Of "Christian The Lion"

By now, pretty much everyone in America has seen the YouTube video starring Christian the Lion »7/30/08 1:30pm7/30/08 1:30pm, a lion cub bought in London by friends John Rendell and Ace Bourke in the 1960s, relocated to Kenya soon afterwards, and then reunited with Rendell and Bourke a little over a year later. The show's producers tracked down…