Show Must Go On

According to the NY Times, Margaret Sterling's ill-timed fictional nuptials were no anomaly: a number of weddings went forward after Kennedy's assassination. "I'll tell you, after a few drinks it didn't really matter," says one of the grooms. [NYT] » 11/02/09 7:30pm 11/02/09 7:30pm

Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique; MLK's "I Have A Dream" Speech; …

All happened in 1963, which seems to be the year the next season of Mad Men will take place. Newsweek's Louisa Thomas asks: "Will the turmoil of 1963 provide a release [for the characters], or just inflict more trauma? [Newsweek] » 7/31/09 6:20pm 7/31/09 6:20pm