This is what I'm asked to do daily for women and I am finding it increasingly hard not to look at it as harming and hurtful. We are painting an unrealistic picture of what we are suppose to look like for ourselves, the men in our lives and our daughters. THIS IS NOT REAL AND IT HAS TO STOP.

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Singer Gets a Major Photoshop Makeover in Music Video

Here's a striking video from Hungarian singer Boggie, in which her moving image is being retouched and "corrected" throughout the entire video. Directed by Nándor Lőrincz and Bálint Nagy, the three-minute video shows Boggie's transformating from a lovely woman in dim lighting to a lovely, flawlessly made-up woman who has, judging by her glowing surroundings, been abducted by aliens and forced to sing for them.

It looks like a fair bit of the magic is down to makeup and improved lighting, and given the detail-intensive work involved in retouching much of it must be simulated, but it still makes a statement about what's expected from female entertainers.

[via Gizmodo and designboom.]

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