Last night's episode was titled "We Do Not Touch the First Ladies," but someone did touch the FLOTUS. Someone touched her a lot.

We knew that Mellie and Andrew Nichols had a past, but we didn't know it was all pent-up never-acted-upon emosexual tension. As seen in the clip above, Mellie finally just threw herself at him while Eleanor Roosevelt watched.

Scandal: Let's Touch First Ladies and Put Ladies First


Back in the day they didn't even touch. We don't touch the First Ladies!

What else happened?


  • Quinn continues to be the worst.
  • Huck and the coffee = dumb
  • The Publius plotline is kind of a mess
  • David Rosen got not-kidnapped and he and Abby are in love now
  • Sally Langston is thisclose to snapping
  • That sandy-haired Secret Service guy is a B613 mole

Oh: Command Jake is upset about being Fake boyfriend Jake, and looking mighty fine while doing so. Olivia has become such a weak, flawed, trying character. Remember when she used to be The Fixer and get shit done? So far the best "I am woman hear me roar" scene of Season 3 has been guest-star Lisa Kudrow going off on sexism in politics. What happened to the ladypower?

All in all: A meh episode.

There's only one thing to look forward to: These hot badasses making trouble.

Scandal: Let's Touch First Ladies and Put Ladies First

Come on, Scandal. Pull it together. Let's have less dumb dude love triangle and more clever women making waves, please, thank you.

BTW: More fun than last night's Scandal was last night's Escandalo.