Guy Fieri's New Menu Offers a 52-oz Bloody Mary Garnished with Sausage

It appears that Guy Fieri, Clown Prince of Flavortown, is in the breakfast game now, and he's taken to it like a duck wearing backwards sunglasses riding a skateboard through a lake of flames. The menu at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Grill includes "Dragon's Breath Chili Cornbread Benedict," "Chicken Fried Bacon Biscuits & Gravy," and a "Shortbread Pancake & Berry 'Pot Pie'"—all of which, I can only assume, have been TONGUE-BLASTED WITH DONKEY SAUCE FOR MAXIMUM KILLERNESS.

It would actually sound like a fairly normal (if a bit undignified) brunch menu, if it weren't for Fieri's pièce de résistance: a 52-ounce Bloody Mary garnished with multiple meats, a leather saxophone, and a pinkie ring.

Via Eater:

And perhaps most anticipated, the Hangover Recovery Bloody Mary with garnishes galore including candied bacon, chicken apple sausage or shrimp. Naturally, it can be served in a 52-ounce punch bowl for the extra hungover.

I guess it would technically get rid of your hangover. And replace it with alcohol poisoning.

For reference, 52 ounces is almost half a gallon. The average human stomach holds about 32 ounces.



Image via Getty.