Sunday Night Sign-Off: The Weirdest Undersea "Concert"

The Associated Press posted this footage of an underwater concert held in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary today and I have no idea what any of these 59 seconds actually mean. If someone knows, please help me. My only explanation so far is Florida.

Also, congratulations to Germany for their nail biter of a… » 7/13/14 6:48pm 44 minutes ago

​Cow Whisperer Assembles Herd of Cows Probably for World Domination

Rudi Rok is a voice actor and internet personality who can mimic animal noises really well. So well, that he tricks animals. He's like the David Blaine of furry things. While given the hubbub about the 29 impersonations dude being a fake, I feel like I must exercise an even more intense degree of caution/everything… » 7/13/14 4:45pm Today 4:45pm

The Director Behind the "First Kiss" Video Is Back with "Undress Me"

Ever since the fake "real" clothing advertisement video homage to another real film of two perfect strangers making out for the first time stirred up America and spurred up every imaginable parody, I have been sitting here patiently awaiting the next event that could once again shake the foundations of Love itself. … » 7/13/14 3:31pm Today 3:31pm

That live broadcast of Peter Pan that everyone (no one) has been talking about since The Sound of Music triple pooped on the concepts of television, stage production, and film has made its first casting. The role of Captain Hook will be played by Christopher Walken. This is a surprisingly good decision on the part… » 7/13/14 1:40pm Today 1:40pm

​Indian 13-Year-Old Raped as Retribution For Her Brother's Crime

In yet another horrific sexual assault case in India, a 13-year-old girl was raped allegedly on orders from a village council as retaliative punishment for her brother's sexual assault offense. » 7/13/14 12:45pm Today 12:45pm

​This Kid Dances To "Bad Romance" Better Than Lady Gaga Herself

Holy crap this kid is committed and he is fierce and he is absolutely killing it. I'm going to start a petition to make this the official "Bad Romance" music video because duh. And if that doesn't work out, I will strike Gaga with hundreds of flashmobs of this specific choreography until WE SEE SOME ACTION. Now who… » 7/13/14 12:15pm Today 12:15pm

​Mother Says She Was Booted From Concert for Breastfeeding 4-Month-Old

When 30-year-old Megan Christopherson was removed from the pit at a Brad Paisley concert with her 4-month-old strapped to her chest, police maintained that she could be found liable for child endangerment. But Christopherson is claiming that she was kicked out because she breastfed her child in the crowd. » 7/12/14 6:17pm Yesterday 6:17pm

Virginia Man Claims Kingdom So His Daughter Can Be a Real Princess

Nuzzled right in between Egypt and Sudan lies Bi'r Tawil a 2060 sq km unclaimed territory that was the result of a colonial-era border discrepancy. Bi'r Tawil is one of the last remaining unclaimed territories in the world—that is, until a Virginia man took it upon himself to trek out there and lay claim to the… » 7/12/14 5:22pm Yesterday 5:22pm

NY Restaurant Figures Out Surprising Reason for Customer Complaints

The owners of a NYC restaurant were receiving far more complaints than they used to about the kitchen speed and quality of service, so they decided to go to surveillance tapes to figure out the issue. The answers, which they posted to Craigslist, were not what they expected. » 7/12/14 4:30pm Yesterday 4:30pm