re trainer: fair enough. i would love to run a 501 (c) 3 that simply awarded scholarship for the hell of it (with specific requirements, of course). but in all honesty, the reason i have the competition is to award the dollars that sponsors put forth. without an event (i.e. the pageant itself) to market to advertisers/sponsors, the money wouldn't flow. most competitors take advantage of the local competition becuase it gives them a chance to win additional scholarship funds at the state and national level. and yes, there is quite a sum of women who have collected a ton of cash for school without winning the national (or state) titles. although pageants are an easy target, i hope i've at least presented some points to consider. don't be quick to judge, friends. a lot of those girls go on to successful careers (see []). oh, and i'm down with the drinking games but honestly— "fake smile=everclear" ??!? we'll be fucked up before the donald can say, "hey, baby."