Comment of the Day: The Race for a Great Vagina Ad Is On

Enterprising companies are going to start churning out some pithy slogans about ladyparts, which is why Violet Baudelaire got an early start (and, fingers crossed, protected everything with ironclad copyrights):

I am fully against this. I would like to see all companies come up with increasingly amazing nonsensical names and slogans for my lady parts

Tired of your Hoo-ha faux pas? Buy our panty liners!

Does your Va-jay-jay feel like the Milky Way? Panty liners!

Did your Cooter do a Pooter? Never fear, panty liners are here!

Would your Flower Nectar gross out Hannibal Lecter? We've got a panty liner for you!

If I wanted to hear all this vagina talk, I'd just see a doctor!!*
*unless I was in Texas

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