Charlize Theron's Sex Tape Includes Gimps and Crying

In an epic, elaborate April Fool's joke, Charlize Theron had her phone "hacked" by the folks at Funny or Die. She and the FOD peeps made a bunch of videos including a sex tape, an Oscar acceptance speech practice run, a sleep talking clip and a response video, in which Theron calls FOD "an enemy to smoking hot actresses everywhere." The "sex tape" is below; don't miss Charlize sitting on the toilet, auditioning to be the new ASPCA spokesperson (since Sarah McLachlan is a "Debbie Downer") and stalking some dude.

In addition to the video clips from Charlize Theron's phone, check out these "hacked" photographs: rejected MySpace profile pix, a bunch of duck face shots, and pictures of her meals… apparently she gets her good looks from eating babies and doing cocaine.


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