At 20-years-old, Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious wrote out a list extolling the finest qualities of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. The note, scrawled in messy handwriting, seems so normal for a young person in love for the first time, making the couple's inevitable fate all the more heartbreaking.

What Makes Nancy So Great By Sidney
1 Beautiful
2 Sexy
3 Beautiful figure
4 Great sense of humour
5 Makes extremely interesting conversation
6 Witty
7 Has beautiful eyes
8 Has fab taste in clothes
9 Has the most beautiful wet pussy in the world
10 Even has sexy feet
11 Is extremely smart
12 A great Hustler

A few months after this note (at left, click to enlarge) was written, Nancy was stabbed to death and Sid Vicious, the lead suspect in her murder, killed himself via a heroin overdose before standing trial. It's a shame that Sid and Nancy's legacy ended up being such a tragic one, especially when you see how they started out: a couple of kids who loved each other for the funny sexy hustlers that they were.

What Makes Nancy So Great By Sidney [Letters of Note]

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