The Saddest Babies of 2012 Will Be Named After Kardashians

Horrifyingly, the Kardashians no longer need to reproduce in order to populate the country with their unique brand of krazy nomenklature. This year's first babies sport a klutch of kreative K names, perhaps inspired by the fame-hungry family.

According to's list (via Time) of the names of babies born on Jan. 1, 2012, K names are totally a trend. Six cropped up on the first of the year alone: Karis, Kay'lyn, Kristina, Kyren, Kalylah, and of kourse, Khloe. Time proclaims this a sign of the Kardashians' influence, and we tend to agree — no doubt when little Kay'lyn and Kalylah grow up, they too will seek brief yet highly televised marriages to NBA players.

Luckily, K names are not the only trend. A names are also popular, which I heartily support. And the best name from the list is clearly Envy Essence-Faye, born at the stroke of midnight in Nevada. Little Envy promises to be a bitch to reckon with when she comes of age — look out, world.


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