Katy Perry made her debut as a Saturday Night Live host last night, and it was a show filled with just as many actual celebrities as celebrity impressions. Perry was heavily featured—and there weren't nearly as many boob jokes as initially predicted—but Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon, Val Kilmer, and Darrell Hammond also stopped by.

Katy imitated a few stars last night, but she really stood out with her spot-on impression of Florence Welch, who appeared on the soundtrack for the imaginary movie Doggie Duty.

Another highpoint of the evening was a hilarious trailer for a sequel to New Year's Eve, which stars "literally thousands of celebrities," including Perry as Christina Aguilera and Kristin Wiig's perfect Drew Barrymore.

As promised, Matt Damon showed up as a homeless meth addict in a Digital Short called "Best Friends," where Katy Perry and Andy Samberg meet up with Damon and brilliant lunatic Val Kilmer. Things start out innocent but get progressively weirder until—you guessed it—a bunch of people doing impressions of celebrities show up.

Perhaps the most noteworthy moment of the night belongs to SNL regular Alec Baldwin. He came on "Weekend Update" as the pilot of the American Airlines flight he was kicked off of earlier in the week and proceeded to apologize profusely to himself. Well played, Baldwin.