The holidays are all about traditions and family togetherness, so naturally Lady Gaga is a perfect fit. Last night she opened a temporary store/art exhibit within Barneys New York and you can catch a glimpse at the madness within. Though be warned: You may discover that you want — nay, need — a $95 chocolate replica of Alexander McQueen's lobster claw shoes.

The New York Times reports that there are 220 Gaga themed gifts in the department, which has been dubbed Gaga's Workshop. Among these items are cookies, books, press-on nails, leather jackets, and sculptures by artist Eli Sudbrack.

The truly stylish among us will be watching Gaga's Thanksgiving night special while learing a $1,630 crystal necklace that looks like a shattered disco ball. If you're on a budget, you can wait on an interminable line for cookies shaped like Gaga's most famous ensembles, including her meat dress.

The Times notes that while sipping from a $65 pearl-encrusted cup, Gaga declared, "There's all sorts of affordable presents here, and they are guilt-free."

You see, a full quarter of the sales will go to Gaga's Born This Way anti-bullying foundation — but only through January 2.

So hurry in, because you won't want your loved ones to be the only kids on the block who don't get a snow globe topped with a half Gaga/half motorcycle figurine this December.

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