Patriotic Posters Prod Americans To Save Community

Check out these posters by graphic artist Jon Defreest! Inspired by vintage designs, that's Joel McHale as Uncle Sam and Alison Brie playing Rosie The Riveter.

While I fully agree that Community is a show that's both important and great (and not just because the male cast members like to take off their shirts in web videos) I personally feel like we shouldn't be completely freaking out about the show's possible cancellation. NBC has done this to other beloved comedies before — it happened to Parks And Recreation last year! And might I remind you that the network's crown jewel, 30 Rock, has been absent from the season thus far? Terrible decisions are made by TV network heads all the time. But the internet has exploded with love for Community, and I wouldn't count Greendale Community College out just yet. Then again, Whitney has defied all odds and has yet to be canceled, so...

Here Are Three ‘Save Community' Posters [Vulture]