How To Play Bad Date Bingo

Ever had a bad date? Recover from the psychological wounds of SHINY BLACK SHOES, GOT TOO DRUNK, or CHAPPED LIPS with this handy-dandy bingo card!

How To Play Bad Date Bingo

Click to enlarge. The whole thing is obviously hilarious, but for some reason, Mark Zuckerberg's face is cracking me up the most.


If I could contribute any addendum, it would probably be INAPPROPRIATE GIFT-GIVING (hello, freshman year fling who sprang an intimidatingly expensive present on me after we'd been dating 30 days, which event he insisted on referring to as our "mensiversary"). Or, I suppose, USED THE WORD "MENSIVERSARY." Oh, how about SAID "I WANT TO PUT A BABY INSIDE YOU"? Fun times. That or VIBRAM FIVE-FINGERS. Shudder.

I Now Present You With The Official Shmitten Kitten Bad Date Bingo Card [Shmitten Kitten]