Yelp Review Of The Day

Looking for some new and different ways to describe ice cream? Look no further than this helpful Yelper's review of a New York gelato spot:

Here is the list of my fave flavors.

CAFFE - Mingle coffee ice cream lovers! The best is here!
CASSATA SICILIANA- Small choco chip is the key.
FIOR DI LATTE - I don't like vanilla really so this is something for you if you only wanna taste milk
GIANDUIA - Hey, who mix chocolate and hazelnut first? I DARE you.
MASCARPONE - It is a CHEESE PORN in your mouth.
MOKACCINO - Coffee and chocolate are the good lovers for each other.
STRACCIATELLA - Chocolate chips will rock with you
PANNA COTTA - Caramel cream. That's the nickname for this for me.

This is a CHEESE WTF in our brain.

Image via jo Crebbin/