How could you make our favorite dog even cuter than it already is? Mix it with another aww-inducing breed, of course! Lately the internet is abuzz at the absurd cuteness that is the corgi hybrid, so let's take a look for ourselves, shall we?

Corgi/German Shephard mix via Flickr.

Corgi/Dachshund mix, via Flickr.


Corgi/Husky mix, via Flickr.

Corgi/Dalmatian mix, via Flickr.


Corgi/Pomeranian mix, via Flickr.

Corgi/Golden Retriever mix, via Flickr.

Corgi/Chow mix, via Flickr.

Corgi/Australian Shepherd mix, via Flickr.

Corgi/Poodle mix, via

Last but not least, a Corgi/Jack Russell Terrier mix named Duke, via Flickr.