The speculation about the father of January Jones' unborn child took scandalous turn today, when several sources claimed X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn is the man in question. That's a problem because he's married to Claudia Schiffer. Supposedly Vaughn and Schiffer "abruptly" left town around the same time Jones announced her pregnancy. Yesterday the film had a cast screening instead of a premiere, and Vaughn said he couldn't attend because he has "severe" tonsillitis. However, he appeared fine in interviews conducted that day. Vaughn's lawyer denies that he and Jones had an affair, and that he fathered her child. [E!]

Lindsay Lohan is currently serving her jail sentence — from the comfort of her home. She checked into prison before dawn this morning and left with a shiny new ankle monitor. She'll hav to wear the device for about 35 days. [AP]

TMZ has more shots for your Arnold Schwarzenegger love child scrapbook. This time he's teaching the kid how to golf and posing with Maria Shriver, their children, Mildred Baena, and the boy. [TMZ]
In an interview with Telemundo, Baena's 27-year-old daughter Jackie Rozo said, "It's just a big thing because she's Hispanic, and he's a celebrity." She says she only found out last week that her half-brother was Arnold's child, and adds, "My mother does not need to justify herself." [TMZ]

Wondering what Oprah's been up to in the one day we've been apart? She Tweets, "Staying in PJs all day ... Getting my hair braided for summer vacation. Reading all your emails!" [Us]
Oprah's finale was her highest-rated episode in 17 years. It was beat out by a 1994 show called "People Shed Their Disguises," which, "featured a makeup addict learning to make do with less, a man abandoning his toupee, and a woman who wore wigs giving them up after 25 years." [The Wrap]

  • Charlie Sheen is selling the Sober Valley Lodge! Chuckles is asking $7.2 million for the mansion, which we assume needs some TLC. [TMZ]
  • Jon Hamm will direct the season five premiere of Mad Men. [HuffPo]
  • Bryce Dallas Howard is pregnant with her second child. [Us]
  • In the biggest Wire news since Carcetti turned up as Littlefinger on Game Of Thrones, Clarke Peters and Dominic West, a.k.a. Freamon and McNulty, have been cast as Othello and Iago in a British production of Othello. [N.Y. Mag]
  • Glee co-creator/executive producer Brad Falchuk says they'll focus more on Santana coming out next season: "We were so respectful on the Kurt story and really have focused so much on that and the character and making the sure the struggle of a gay teen in Ohio was looked at. We wanted to do the same as this one. We knew it was going to take some time. We didn't wanna rush it. We didn't have the time to really tell that story. I'm not gonna just have her come out in the last scene of the episode. That's a big deal. We dedicated two episodes to Kurt coming out and then it went on. We want to give it some time so we're giving it some time and we're going to get into it next season." [CNN]