In this week's episode of The Soup, Joel McHale told a sexist joke, then brought out the writer, Tess Rafferty. You see, it's okay for Joel to make a misogynistic jab, as long as it's penned by the show's lone female writer. Just like how it's cool for a white person to say something racist if they heard it from a black friend first!

Maybe that's why most late night comedy shows have a single female writer on staff. (Though not Bill Maher. It's hard enough to find a woman who's funny, so hiring a female comedian who's knowledgable about politics would be nearly impossible, amirite?)

Sexist Jokes Are Okay On The Soup, Since It Has One Female Writer


Similar stats were reported last year, but the infographic, which was posted today on Statette, allows you to keep a copy on hand while you're watching TV. Consult it whenever you suspect misogynistic humor may have been generated by a room full of dudes. If you see a token lady or two, it probably means your silly lady brain just misunderstood the joke.

Female Writers In Late Night By The Numbers [Statette]


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