Great Cause, Fun Red Carpet

The 19th Annual "A Night At Sardi's" Fundraiser And Awards Dinner - which supports Alzheimer's research — was clearly a major social event. With the red carpet to match.

Great Cause, Fun Red CarpetSBack in the late '60s, there was a brief vogue for "pop-topping," in which one crafted chain-mail from the pull-rings of soda cans. Kristen Bell is resuscitating it, single-handed.

Great Cause, Fun Red CarpetSWendie Malick goes for dramatic simplicity.

Great Cause, Fun Red CarpetSNormally event chairs opt for dignified restraint. But the thing about being chair is you can really do what you want. And Laurie Burrows Grad is taking full advantage.

Great Cause, Fun Red CarpetSDo you remember Tan-Grams, those shapes that were used to teach pre-Geometry in elementary school? Kaley Cuoco does.

Great Cause, Fun Red CarpetSThe Diggs-Menzels don't need any other accessory.

Great Cause, Fun Red CarpetSI know "benefits" don't need to be all serious and grave and it's about celebrating life and working together for a cure, but hey, I'm a traditionalist: a little gravitas, maybe? Vanessa?

Great Cause, Fun Red CarpetSSome cliches should be abandoned, some rules are arbitrary. Others — like the hoary old saw that horizontal seaming is kind of challenging — are based in fact.

Lea Thompson goes slightly boxy —