Looking to jazz up this year's Oscars viewing party? Why not renovate an entire room of your home in the style of your favorite nominated film? According to a press release we received from Overstock.com, the nominees "have created a variety of eclectic settings that set the stage for chic home decor accents in 2011." Let's take a look!

Here we have the "Black Swan" room, for those of you who long for a place where you can relax after a stressful day by inhabiting the world of a psychotic ballerina.

You'll love plotting revenge on your enemies in your True Grit-inspired lair!

Or perhaps you'd like to replicate the charm and sophistication of a Harvard dorm room circa 2003. Scrawling equations on your window and leaving sticky red plastic cups tossed around the room will signal to house guests that you're sort of socially-challenged genius who shouldn't be trifled with.

The Fighter-inspired room doesn't involve furniture, you're just supposed to litter your apartment with boxing paraphernalia. Add a little pizzaz by declaring that while in the room, everyone must speak with a thick Boston accent.

When they see this ugly pillow and framed mirror, guests will definitely feel like they're in a World War II-era British palace, just like in The Kings Speech. For some reason Overstock.com didn't show us how to model rooms after the other Oscar nominated films like 127 Hours, Winter's Bone, and Inception. It's too bad, because we'd really love to replicate the look of a constantly shifting dreamscape where the rules of gravity are meaningless and nothing is as it seems.