Hillary Wins The Folks Who Use The Term 'Darkie' Vote

  • Well aren't these latest specimens of Obamiana charming? Yeah, no. Fuck Georgia! [Radar]
  • Wait, actually: "Hang that darkie from a tree" was the sentiment of one voter in Pennsylvania, just one of many grim examples of shocking racism Obama campaign workers have encountered but played down until now... [CNN]
  • And yeah, she won. [CNN
  • It almost makes me proud to share a state with Tory Burch and her hip-hop mogul boyfriend. (Related: what the fuck do she and Lyor talk about?) [NYP]
  • Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, the commander ousted in the wake of Abu Ghraib, has one of those score-settling books out. I really wish someone would put together a decent charticle of these things, with Doug Feith's and L. Paul Bremer's books too, except that would be a lot of work for a single charticle. Not to mention a lot of lives. [Wash Post]