Who likes free clothes? Why, you do! That's why you're going to come to Jezebel's clothing swap tomorrow night, right?

Fashion Week is lovely, but eventually you tire of looking at all the stuff you can't actually have. On the other end of the spectrum comes our Fashion Swap Meet, full of stuff you actually can have — because it costs absolutely nothing, other than a moment spent discarding something from your own closet. Like that shirt you've not worn in two years — someone else would love that shirt!

The weather is supposed to be lovely in NYC tomorrow, so why not swing by our roofdeck, take in the sunset, and enjoy piles of clothes and a free drink or two?


Trade in at least one wearable item - clothes, shoes, accessories - and walk out with something new-to-you. The more you bring, the merrier the rummaging! (And the more the environment will love you for it.)

When: Tuesday, September 14 7-10 pm

Where: Gawker Media roofdeck, 210 Elizabeth Street, 4th Floor
Who: You, silly.

Bonus: The first 100 to arrive get a nifty tote for carrying home your loot.


Not in NYC? Alas, alack! But maybe try organizing your own, or finding one in your area. Or at least recycle something on that day, and be there with us in spirit!

NB: This is an open event, so long as our ginormous deck doesn't hit capacity. After all, we don't want the fire department to come and take away the clothes.