Women-Only Train Service Launched In Jakarta

  • In efforts to fight sexual harassment, Indonesia has launched a new train service. The experimental ladies-only carriages have brightly colored pink seats and are staffed by women. Though some welcome the change, others say it's not really a solution.
  • A man from Oregon suffers from an unfortunate condition that leaves him literally paralyzed from love. Whenever Matt Frerking feels warm and fuzzy feelings for his wife of 13 years, he falls into a narcoleptic state. Frerking is able to perceive what is going on around him, but as a sleep specialist explains, the brain behaves like it is asleep, even though it is awake.
  • Women's rugby is a swiftly growing sport, but unfortunately for the players in this month's World Cup, it's still not a profession. Almost all the players have had to take time off work, or make other sacrifices, in order to play their sport of choice. But for the first time, the 2010 games will be broadcast on Sky Sports, a satellite channel owned by Rupert Murdoch.
  • Hamster racing. This is a thing.
  • A Texas dad has decided to punish his curfew-breaking teenager in a rather interesting way. Instead of simply grounding his daughter, he took out an ad in the local paper offering her free babysitting services. Robert Rausch says he sees it as a way of disciplining his daughter and helping others at the same time.
  • According to a new study, yoga can help fight off depression and certain anxiety disorders. Scientists found that yoga was linked to higher levels of the amino acid GABA, which helps promote a state of calm within the mind. Low levels of GABA are linked to anxiety and mental illness.
  • A 24-year-old Ohio man was mauled to death recently by a wrestling bear. Brent Kandra was killed at Sam Mazzola's exotic animal farm, where he was employed as a handler, by a bear that had been forced to wrestle for sport at a night club.
  • Warner Bros is suing the Swiss manufacturer of the "Harry Popper" condoms for copyright infringement. "This is clearly a reference to the film and fictional character of Harry Potter. Everyone who sees the condoms automatically thinks of Harry Potter," said the studio lawyer.
  • A woman who was arrested for giving a blow job on top of a war memorial was greeted at the court house by a group of a dozen veterans. Wendy Lewis has been named the "most disgusting woman in UK" for her drunken actions, which also included peeing next to the cenotaph in Blackpool, Lancaster.