Today in Tweet Beat, Courtney Love is saying a lot of stuff, but very little of it makes sense. Also, David Lynch shares his plans for the weekend.

if you bring me my 98 to 04 invoices for all the transportation from la to white plains and then to all 67 counties in ny in 3 days on cls50less than a minute ago via web

the faa keeps flight plans for 15 years, cls is now empire/cls the org owner a gangster in vegas, it may be as easy as simply callingbillingless than a minute ago via web

maybe your phone manner beats mine, ( i just terrified ms nbc thats for sure) billing is in brooklyn and they had 6 accounts for me,1000sless than a minute ago via web

of flights, just act like the irs or the lawyers or the investigator or the auditor or the fbi "agent" or the consumer or reporter you areless than a minute ago via web

aha im about to explain whats going on so you understand, you melissa bricklin mccourt karaban or dean mathieson or bruce willis's michelleless than a minute ago via web