Today in Tweet Beat, Senator John McCain reaches out to Snooki regarding her concern on tanning-bed taxes, Diablo Cody shows off her baby belly, and Chris Brown shows off his philanthropy with photos of giant checks.

@Sn00ki u r right, I would never tax your tanning bed! Pres Obama's tax/spend policy is quite The Situation. but I do rec wearing sunscreen!less than a minute ago via web

I hope u dnt do 1 of your famous poops! RT @andyroddick: crap.i dropped my phn in the toilet. its drying.. i hope it shows sign of life soonless than a minute ago via UberTwitter

Suppose the drinking done by Baby Boomers' parents created an emotional roller coaster in the developing baby, as the drug of alcohol does.less than a minute ago via web

And that is part of why we have grown up to seek relationships that take that ride?less than a minute ago via web

Um can I get away from these chicks for one 4 hour flight? Answer: no than a minute ago via Twitpic

Did you all read my blog on Bravo? There is absolutely NO truth to the rumor that there's a secret message in there..less than a minute ago via web

...ala Gov. Schwarzenegger. If the 1st letters of every paragraph incl the title spell something out it's a COMPLETE coincidence! xxless than a minute ago via web

When are we going to stop killing whales and dolphins?less than a minute ago via txt

I wanna punch that friggin whale! RT @Chumplet I saw that whale so many times this morning I started to get the shakes.less than a minute ago via web