Anatomy Of A Celebrity Girl-Crush: Charlotte Gainsbourg And More

I love Charlotte Gainsbourg. Partly it's because of her movies — but mostly it's her underbite.

Gainsbourg discusses her acting and singing careers in an interview with AnOther magazine, and she's impressive in both spheres. I especially liked her in My Wife Is An Actress and Love, Etc. — maybe slightly less so in The Science of Sleep, but only because her character was written as too much of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She tends to project a mysterious quality and a sense that even her characters don't fully understand their own motivations — a sense borne out, perhaps, by her statement that, "What I do and the decisions I make – whether to make music or be in a film – are very instinctive and I only understand much later, in retrospect, my reasons for doing things." But: the underbite.

Every kid has her own insecurities, but many of mine started at the orthodontist. Told I had catastrophic bite problems that would pretty much destroy all my teeth by adulthood, I had to wear a medieval-looking palate expander that spread my front top teeth apart in jack-o-lantern fashion. Then while braces worked to close the gaps up, I was given a "bumper" for my lower jaw which pushed my lip out Neanderthal-style. Eventually all this hardware did its work and I emerged with medically acceptable teeth, but also with something of an obsession with my jaw. I was sure my profile looked weird. My upper lip was small, my lower lip was big. My chin was sort of jutting. The obsession faded as I entered college, but I was still pretty convinced people shouldn't see me from the side — until I saw Charlotte Gainsbourg.


I look far from exactly like Gainsbourg (there's a reason she's my fantasy casting choice for the movie of my life). But she does have a prominent chin and slightly thin lips, a profile that's not traditionally Hollywood-hot yet is totally familiar to me. She also violates Hollywood ideals in a few other ways — she's small-breasted, and while she's always beautifully dressed, she frequently shows up to events with messy hair and minimal makeup:

Anatomy Of A Celebrity Girl-Crush: Charlotte Gainsbourg And More

Of course, Gainsbourg's also thin, and white, and clear-skinned, and rich enough to be able to afford gorgeous designer outfits, so her stardom isn't really breaking down any enormous boundaries. But she is unconventional-looking, and it was seeing her on screen that made me realize a woman didn't have to conform to every convention in order to be beautiful.


Anatomy Of A Celebrity Girl-Crush: Charlotte Gainsbourg And More

Other Jezebel staffers have had similar experiences. Of the gorgeous Thandie Newton, Dodai says, "I relate to her look; brown skin, curly hair and button nose — especially when i was younger and there weren't a lot of people who looked like that in the movies or on TV." I would add that I'd kill for the dress/necklace/eye-makeup combo Newton's rocking above.

Katy's a fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal, in part because "I find her really pretty, but in a sort of unconventional way (she's the kind of interesting pretty I always wanted to be as a teenager. More stunning than "hot girl")." And Intern Maura loves Zooey Deschanel's look: "I frequently try to copy the way she styles her hair (I also have pale skin, dark hair, and blue eyes), and I love her clothes." But she also girl-crushes on Mindy Kaling for reasons both substantive and sartorial:

I loved her on the Office from the beginning, and finding out she was a writer on the show took it to whole new levels—plus her old blog, Things I've Bought That I Love, and now her tweets...I can only imagine how awkward I would be if I ever met her. I think she's an amazing role model, she has terrific style, and is one of the funniest women in entertainment right now. Love. Love. Love.


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