Fat Dogs Don't Get Laid, Just Cuckolded

Dawn breaks in a field. A border collie reports faithfully for duty, only to find his lover hasn't been as faithful. Locked in an embrace with... a mutt? Dagger to the heart. If only he'd kept his weight under control.

See, it turns out selling diet dog food in Chile isn't that different from selling anything diet-related to humans stateside, as Adland shows us. It's all about fat shaming and selling sex, of the dog-on-dog variety.

Fat Dogs Don't Get Laid, Just Cuckolded


Don't let yourself go, my furry friend. For when you return home to your slick modernist abode, you'll find your mate astride a skinnier specimen of — gasp — another breed.

Fat Dogs Don't Get Laid, Just Cuckolded

Are you fresh off a kitchen binge, only to find your beloved is tasting the flesh of someone else? Should have bought Nutripro.

Life's Hard When You're A Fat Dog, You'll Never Get Lucky [Adland]