Last night's episode finally had a fun, creative challenge: To make a garment for a character in a specific film genre. Poor Ra'mon was robbed!

Ra'mon, a self-admitted sci-fi fan, was supposed to make a sci-fi garment. He had an idea about a reptilian princess or something, and started to make a jumpsuit — unitard, really, and when his model tried it on, she looked like a turtle without a shell. Sad! Ra'mon had to scramble, with two hours left, to come up with something else.

Project Runway: Ra'mon Gets Robbed


Meanwhile, in the workroom, there was a little crush forming: Carol Hannah was looking at Logan like she wanted to make out with him SO BADLY.

Project Runway: Ra'mon Gets Robbed


Carol Hannah on Logan: "He's really hot!"


Let's just objectify Logan a little more, shall we?

Project Runway: Ra'mon Gets Robbed

Okay then.

Ra'mon came up with a pretty cool lizard queen dress, but the judges tore him apart on the runway, calling it a "shambles." Guest judge Arianne Phillips, who did the costumes for Walk The Line, said it was "risky and ambitious," but he would get "no banana."

Highlights from the runway:

Project Runway: Ra'mon Gets Robbed

Epperson's genre was "Western," and his frontier woman dress was fierce.

Project Runway: Ra'mon Gets Robbed

Christopher's "Period Piece" garment was supposed to be for a Vampire Bride. The judges pretty much creamed their pants over it.

Project Runway: Ra'mon Gets Robbed

Nicolas had "Sci Fi," and made an ice queen confection, which won the challenge.

Did you see Epperson's face after Nicolas won?
He did not look thrilled.

Project Runway: Ra'mon Gets Robbed

Louise was in the bottom two, and, frankly, her '40s take on a flapper dress was not Film Noir. It showed very little imagination and even the judges admitted that Ra'mon seemed to have more vision.

Project Runway: Ra'mon Gets Robbed

Heidi called Ra'mon's snakelady ensemble "a home sewn mess."

"Your character may have been out of this world, but what planet was she from?" HELLO? THAT IS THE POINT. She is an alien lifeform. Jesus! Anyway: Ra'mon heard those two horrible words: "You're out." I don't understand how he could make gorgeous dresses week after week and get kicked off. He won a challenge a few weeks ago! It was Louise's first time in front of the judges, but she really failed the challenge, in that she didn't really create a character or something film-worthy. I'm mad.

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