In what might be her last collection at the day-to-day helm of her namesake label, 66-year-old Betsey Johnson showed a frilled and frothy collection of the 80s-inflected looks she's known for. And a male model with panties on his head.

She is that rare fashion creature — an unapologetically "commercial" designer who prefers trading in established shapes (crinolines, strong shoulders) and styles (sparkles, bright colors, tulle) to breaking new ground, but has earned industry respect (and continues to rack up editorial credits) for her fun looks, which have become self-styled classics.



Nobody cuts a party dress like Ms. Johnson.

Most impressively, the models all look like they're having the time of their lives. Probably because there was a live band playing Blondie covers, and plenty of champagne. Johnson did her signature cartwheels.

The makeup for the presentation was a very wearable kind of party-goth, and everyone had gigantic tulle bows in their hair.

Except for this male model, who got a pair of knickers for his 'do. Work it.

Like at Diane Von Furstenberg, the whole collection was accessorized with big neon bangles.

Betsey Johnson can even make red-and-white toile look cool.

I think everyone needs a tiny speck of green-and-yellow leopard print in their wardrobe.

A black-and-white Pierrot suit with a pink ruffle and a French maid get-up, I'm not so sure about.

I dig the blue nails.

The spectacular Plaza hotel served as the venue — a perfect match in over-the-top-ness for the collection itself. Let's hope the appropriately named Eric Sartori, Johnson's assistant, to whom she has said she intends to pass the reins, can keep the profusion of color and shapes coming strong.