If there's one thing we need to end the week, it's a feel-good wedding stunt! And this viral church-aisle dance party should do the trick.

Maybe it's a slow news day, but everyone we know is obsessed with the YouTube video of Minnesotans Jill and Kevin's wedding-party-processional dance routine. Even though it's (weirdly) to Chris Brown's "Forever" (romantic!), it's hard to not to smile. (I admit it, I have a serious weakness for "game friends" wedding party shenanigans, be it "Thriller" or a wedding Megan describes in which the wedding party did a guys-versus-girls "Paradise by the Dashboard Light." I am seriously considering forcing my own friends to do a super-serious a cappella number, complete with college-ready choreography. Not that any of them sings. I mean, from a bride and groom's perspective - how often to you have that many people completely in your power?) Even the normally hateful YouTube viewership was all over this, and a naysayer was shot down with, "Don't hate just because you can't get´╗┐ someone to look at you let alone marry you." Aww! The happy couple's already appeared on the Today show to contribute a little human interest, which isn't that unusual. But bringing the whole wedding party back tomorrow to do their "routine?" I'm guessing it won't capture the magic.

JK Wedding Entrance Dance