Amanda Hess at Washington City Paper's The Sexist blog points us to, a website devoted to exposing "feminist lies" — and the evil TV shows that promulgate them.

There's a lot to see here — some of it familiar ("Why Modern, Western Marriage Has Become A Bad Business Decision For Men" is pretty much a retread of what trolls on Broadsheet have been saying for years), and some of it new and exciting! The site's main "demonstrations of misandry" are the views of Valerie Solanas, who shot Andy Warhol in 1968 and advocated that women "destroy the male sex." But the actions of a probable schizophrenic who spent years in mental hospitals aren't the only evidence of a worldwide anti-man conspiracy. Take the list of supposedly misandrist feminist quotes. The list employs some interesting terminology — Marilyn French is an "Authoress; (later, advisoress to Al Gore's Presidential Campaign.)" — and lists the following among other supposedly misandrist quotations:

"Politically, I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated." — Catherine MacKinnon

Sure, this is an inclusive definition of rape. But if a woman "feels violated" (not, to be clear, regretful, ashamed, uncertain, etc.) isn't something wrong? What does an anti-misandrist call it when "a woman has sex and feels violated" — awesome?

"In my own life, I don't have intercourse. That is my choice." — Andrea Dworkin

Apparently the decision not to have sex constitutes misandry. That's because women owe men "access" to their vaginas. Take a look back at "Why Modern, Western Marriage Has Become A Bad Business Decision For Men" (I swore I wouldn't read it and then I did), originally from the charming blog Don't Marry. According to this brilliant essay, "access to regular sex is the oldest and the most frequently cited reason to marry." Romantic! Unfortunately, a wife "can, if she wishes, deny him sex forever and there is nothing that he can do about it. In fact, if he insists that she honor her end of the marriage contract by being available for sexual relations, he can and will be accused of, charged with, and arrested for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Rape" (bold totally theirs). So, if a man tries to have sex with his wife against her will, he will be charged with rape? Modern marriage really is a bummer.


So what happened to those good old days where nobody gave a shit if a woman felt violated? Actually, TV killed them.'s "What Is Misandry?" page reads,

Did you just say misandry is 'taught'?
Yes, that's right! The next time you switch on the television, count how many programmes have the token 'stupid boyfriend' or 'abusive husband' or 'paedophilic father' figure. Switch over to a children's channel / time window and watch how many cartoons or programmes reflect 'silly daddy' characters or 'bullying big brother'. Don't forget, of course, nearly all the women in these same programmes will be smart, sexy, sassy and full of beans, capable of juggling a career lifestyle with children, a husband and a social circle - let's not forget that she's undoubtedly a wonderful cook and always remembers everybody's birthdays. If these images are being constantly spread out over our airwaves, what does that tell our children who are growing up watching & learning daily, hourly, that men are just so stupid, abusive and ... well, useless?

I'm not sure it's such a great deal for a TV woman to be "smart, sexy, sassy and full of beans" when all her mate choices are 'stupid boyfriends,' 'abusive husbands,' or 'paedophilic fathers' — especially when she's forced to live up to ridiculous standards of skinniness and youth while her TV husband gets to be overweight, balding, and bumbling. There is a grain of truth, though, in's admittedly ham-handed cultural analysis. Portrayals of men in TV shows, and especially in commercials, are often misandrist. It does no one any favors to paint guys as beer-guzzling, birthday-forgetting, chores-fucking-up idiots. Then again, it's also unhelpful to portray women as Andy-Warhol-shooting harpies. Misandry is actually a problem in our culture, but it's never going to get better if its only critics are misogynists.


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