Diane Wood: The Soon-To-Be Target Of GOP Outrage

  • Barack Obama reportedly interviewed Judge Diane Wood for that open Supreme Court seat, though she played coy with reporters and Republicans are ginning up some sort of outrage (because that's what they do!). [Washington Post]
  • Another judge played Solomon yesterday and said that we are allowed to hold detainees indefinitely if they're members of al Qaeda, but we have to really, really think they were involved in it and not in a "Iraq has WMDs" kind of way. [NY Times]
  • Hillary Clinton got to play the rule of Captain Obvious and state that Iran having big nukes is a bad thing. [CBS News]
  • Wait, what? Congressman Steve LaTourette called Rahm Emanuel a "motherfucker" and Rahm hasn't yet had him killed. [Washington Post]
  • Rush Limbaugh "resigned" as head of the Republican Party, because he can't actually make any money at it. [ThinkProgress]
  • A friend of Texas Governor Rick Perry likened "allowing" moderates in the GOP to making the party a whorehouse. [MSNBC]
  • Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty isn't going to certify Al Franken right away if he can see any way around it because Mitch McConnell scares him. [Huffington Post]
  • Later today, Obama is going to give a speech claiming that not being a bunch of imperialist assholes makes America safer, and Dick Cheney's going to give one about why being a bunch of imperialist assholes makes his cock hard. [Time]