Robert Gibbs: Most Americans Don't Care About Rush Limbaugh's Feelings

  • Obama's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs thinks people have more important things to worry about than whether Wanda Sykes would prefer Rush Limbaugh dead. Unfortunately, the Republicans don't, since they've got nothing to do. [Politico]
  • I mean, it's getting so bad Alan Keyes got himself arrested just to make headlines again! [Pandagon]
  • And Florida governor and 100% completely heterosexual Charlie Crist is going to run for Senator. [NY Times]
  • And Michael Steele is telling people Obama would nominate Perez Hilton to the Supreme Court because he's "empathetic," which is one word I've never actually associated with Perez Hilton. [Huffington Post]
  • A former McCain blogger is pissing on his former colleague for working for the environment, since working to stop companies from destroying the earth has been deemed insufficiently Republican. [TalkingPointsMemo]
  • Texas Congressman Pete Sessions says that Obama is deliberately putting more Americans out of work for political reasons. [Huffington Post]
  • And Dick Cheney is literally just sitting around waiting for Joe Biden to call him like a teenage girl with a crush. [Time]
  • Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is defending the existence of the United Nations, which would seem like a no-brainer, but this is America and she represents no-brainers, too. (Insert inappropriate Terry Schiavo joke here, if you like.) [ThinkProgress]
  • And even Joe Liberman has gotten sick of Dick Cheney's bullshit, and when even Lieberman thinks you're being foolishly, destructively hawkish, it might be time to re-assess. [Politico]