Sexist Beer Ad Gets The Boot • "To Kill a Mockingbird" Named Most Inspirational Book

• The advertising overlords have ruled that this ad for Courage beer suggesting that a man needs a drink to gather the "Dutch courage" to tell a woman her ass looks fat, is unacceptable. •

• A recent survey has named "To Kill a Mockingbird" the most inspirational book of all time, beating out the Bible, which came in at number two. • Click here to watch an awesome video of a fox tracking mice in the snow. • British women are more likely to have a baby before the age of 25 than they are to get married, according to a new report. • At the end of WWII, an estimated 2 million German women were raped by Russian soldiers. For decades, the suffering of German women was considered taboo, and it is only now that the first scientific study of the rapes is being conducted. • Researchers have found that women who sit up, walk, or kneel at the first signs of going into labor are likely to have a quicker labor than those who are in a reclining position. • Ugh. A 20-year-old student from Colorado is facing felony animal abuse charges after she taped her boyfriend's eight-month-old puppy to the inside of his refrigerator. • Aw: a widow in Japan has published a book full of text messages that she sent to her dead husbands phone. • Freakonomics compares ballet dancer's amazing leg lifts to basketball player's free-throw shooting. • Mental Floss has unearthed a very old clip of Bill O'Reilly reporting on Super Mario Bros. • Some reasonable legislators in Vermont are working to reduce teen "sexting" charges so that high school students wont be charged with child porn for sending pictures of themselves via text message. • eMarketer has found that way more women use the internet than men, but men visit more sites and stay online longer. • Outside Los Angeles, an order of nuns are praying for a new oven. The Dominican nuns are suffering from the recession, and without their funds brought in from sales of their pumpkin bread, times are even tougher. • Some very bored guy invented a chair that twitters his farts. If you are so inclined, you can follow his tweets here. • Just what the dying world of print journalism needs: Pumpsmag, a rag devoted entirely to gentleman's clubs and the women who work there. •