Barack Rides Unicorn To Power; Bristol Palin Pops

  • DC artist Chris Bishop has created this extremely prescient image of the inauguration in T-shirt form for all your speech-watching needs. [Chris Bishop via Boing Boing]
  • Sarah Palin's eldest daughter, Bristol gave birth yesterday: The 7 lb., 4 oz. boy's name is Tripp. [As in Linda? -Ed.] [People]
  • The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies issued its Inaugural Ceremony advisory, which includes details like: it's going to be cold as fuck in DC; security will be tighter than a nipple clamp; lines will be longer than you dreamed possible; and you will wish to God you stayed home and blogged it drunk. That last part's actually mine. [Politico]
  • Barack Obama's got an iPod, and the world has gone back to being explicable. [Silicon Valley Insider]
  • Republicans mostly continue to pile on Chip "'Barack the Magic Negro' Is Funny" Saltsman because they don't want any more people thinking that all Republicans are racist. [CNN]
  • Speaking of racists, former Presidential candidate of crazy Ron Paul wants you all to know that Social Security is a giant Ponzi scheme that if you had just been smart enough to vote for him he would have eliminated. But, since you didn't, Obama is going to regulate things in the name of freedom that won't make you feel any more free and it's actually less coherent than I just wrote it. [U.S. News & World Report]
  • Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar thinks the Senate should temporarily swear in Al Franken before permanently doing so in 2010 or whenever the Minnesota Senate race is eventually decided. [The Hill]
  • Rahm Emanuel will officially resign his Congressional seat on Friday and there are already 11 people running to replace him. [Chicago Sun Times]
  • The Christmas season sucked so bad you should expect to see retail stores shuttering up and bankruptcies filed. [Bloomberg]