Hamster-Powered Shredder Works At Snail's Pace • "Miss Football" Wants To Switch Teams

• Cute: a hamster-powered paper shredder that takes, uh, 45 minutes for a single hamster to shred one standard sheet of paper. •

• Ellie Nesler, the vigilante mother who killed her son's molester in 1993, died on Friday of breast cancer. She was 56. • Police in Mumbai have announced that they will be creating special separations for couples, families and single women during public New Year celebrations. • Officials at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island announced that the zoo's giraffe, Sukari, gave birth on December 23rd. • What are some of their weirdest things that pets have eaten? A kitchen knife, a bell, underwear and "a man's wig" top the list. • Six cats were given CPR by firemen in England through a special breathing apparatus after they were rescued from a house fire. • A new study in England claims that male teachers are more likely to have a lesson disrupted by students than female teachers. • Interesting news for gardeners: a new study claims that human hair can be a nutrient source for crops when combined with compost. However, more studies are needed to see if hair is safe. • Researchers from the University of New Mexico claim that rapping can be traced back to the barrooms of medieval Scotland. • Sondra "Miss Football" Fortunato says she may shift her team allegiance from the NY Giants to the Philly Eagles because she is sick of being hassled by Giants Stadium staff over her skimpy outfits. • A self-proclaimed "Robinson Crusoe" in Australia is seeking his own "Girl Friday" in the online trenches of love. •