• A cute, unnamed 18-day-old hippo calf made her first public appearance at the Berlin Zoo yesterday. She is the first hippo to be born in Berlin in three years. •


• A three-legged cat from Ohio was found after seven weeks of searching, including having the cat's owner hire a pet detective. • A Muslim woman working at a cocktail lounge in England claims that she was fired from the bar after she refused to wear a red dress that would have made her look "openly sexual" to men. • No shit! An Australian doctor says that headbanging along to heavy metal tunes could result in neck injury. • A new study has found that women who experience persistent genital sensations that make them feel like they are on the verge of having an orgasm are likely to also have restless leg syndrome and/or an overactive bladder. • Berlin officials say they rescued 1,500 parakeets from a retired man's two-room apartment on Tuesday. • Most Britons guess Santa's age to be in his mid-60s. • Authorities in Michigan say they won't press charges against teens at Pinckney High School who forwarded nude pictures that a classmate had taken of herself. •